So it's true, that we change through time.

I was looking up in the pile of pictures I have on computer for Grad pictures...

So many memories came back to me, good and bad ones.

I am grateful that I have so many firends, and I had.

I really had such a nice time there, but I could have done it better.

Oh well, we can't go back whatsoever. 

So let's us enjoy today, and what we have, for who knows what's gonna change next.

I should take more pictures, specially with my friends because I realize that I don't have many.

May friendships last, may our love won't change.

Thank you, God. 

Everyone changes, even me.

I can't believe how much I've changed in 5 years.

I was so much different from now.

Will I regret? I hope not.

Let's change, in a way that's good, not to evil and darkness.

I shall work harder, I am such a time-waster.

I shall work for the greater good of all, and that I won't be scare of the night.

明月高掛, 漆色天空,
今晚夜長, 唯恐夢多,
忐忑不安, 輾轉在床,
憶起遺憾, 舊事而過,
若有重來, 再次回春,
問君會否, 改寫故事?

Three more months to go, let me live in the emptiness for now which I deserve.

At last, all don't really matter.

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